Business SIP Solution Without Compromise

Reliable and Flexible Business SIP Lines

SIPSaver offers enterprise-class SIP lines to enterprises that require the flexibility and accessibility of voice over IP without compromising performance and reliability.

SIPSaver trunks work with any VoIP PBX system to deliver mission critical voice service. Voice communication is a key ingredient to your business success and therefore when you are talking with customers, suppliers, partners you need to ensure your SIP trunks guarantee Quality of Service (QoS). SIPSaver understand mission critical voice communication and ensure that QoS thanks to 3 independent data centers, over 10 carriers, and an option to transmit your voice communications through a private network.

Choose a number, a brand name IP Phone and start savings

SIPSaver provides you a VoIP number that you can choose from over 40 countries (see the list to your right). You can then use this number to make and receive calls at only $0.01 in Canada and the United States. For international and special calling rates, click here.

You need an easy-to-remember toll-free number? Modulis offers a couple of exclusive Premium DIDs.

If you don’t have a SIP phone yet, you can get a pre-configured brand phone for a low price at Simply choose a phone, add it to your shopping cart along with the SIPSaver Plug & Call option, and we will deliver it within 24h*.

SIPSaver also comes with a handy online dashboard that you can use to monitor your activity and add credits to your account.

Moreover, SIPSaver allows you to keep your existing phone number and never change it again.
Click here to check if your number is eligible to port with us.

Choose the private line option

Depending on your needs, you may want to choose the Private Line option (VoIP-DSL).

The VoIP-DSL option allows you to access both our private and public network for an extra $50 per month per PRI. This option is ideal if you need a very reliable SIP solution.

SIPSaver Technical Specifications

Supported Codecs:

  • G.711u (µ-law/pcmu)
  • G.729a

Flexible Dialing Rules:

  • 011 international prefix
  • 00 international prefix
  • USA / Canada 1 or 001
  • USA / Canada 10 digits


  • Instant Online Support
  • Installation and Configuration Support
  • Dedicated Client Care Team
  • 24/7 Service Quality Monitoring

DID Routing:

  • Ring Group
  • Call Forwarding
  • Callback
  • Failover
  • Voicemail
  • Digital Receptionist
  • Calling Queues
  • Recording
  • Time Condition
  • DISA


  • SIP/IAX Registration
  • SIP Static IP authentication

* if in stock and ordered before 12 pm.

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