Modulis, Leading Canadian Provider of Turnkey VoIP Solutions

SIPSaver is an exclusive enterprise-class SIP Solution provided by Modulis.

Modulis offers full-featured enterprise business phone systems complete with Unified Communications, personalized setup and configuration, training, SIP trunks and ready-to-use IP phones. Modulis’ turnkey VoIP solutions are license free, robust and secure.

The company was founded in 2005 with the objective of providing Open Source consulting services to Canadian private and public sector organizations. In 2009, Modulis focused on growing its VoIP division. Since then, VoIP has become the core business at Modulis with a steadily growing client base that extends throughout North America and Europe.

Modulis provides unparalleled customer service for its clients as we understand voice service is mission critical. Voice communication is a key ingredient to our customers’ success and therefore ensures the Modulis solution delivers QoS (Quality of Service).

Today, Modulis solutions handle an average of 60,000 calls per day, from over 3,000 of its client’s IP phones, delivered through a network of redundant servers housed in several robust Data Centres.

To learn more about Modulis products and services, visit www.modulis.ca.